Seed Fund Round
The new dates will be informed in few days, stay tuned!

1 MEG = 2 BUSD

Minimum Bonus 10% upto 20%, Minimum Invest $2000 per Address for this Round

Total allocation for this round : 200,000 MEG.

Total fund allocation : $4,00,000

Private Sale Round
The new dates will be informed in few days, stay tuned!

1 MEG = 2 BUSD

Total allocation for this round : 100,000 MEG.

Total fund allocation : $2,00,000

Public Sale Round
The new dates will be informed in few days, stay tuned!

1 MEG = 2 BUSD

Total allocation for this round : 400,000 MEG.

Total fund allocation : $8,00,000

The new dates will be informed in few days, stay tuned!
Minimum Invest 2000 BUSD for this round
  • 1,00,000 MEG
  • 4,00,000 MEG
Softcap Hardcap

We Accept


Add MEG to Metamask

MEG Tokenomics

Chain Network
BSC Chain
Token Name
Token Ticker
Intial Supply
1 Million
Total Supply
5 Million
Token Contract

100% Insured Protocol

Now a days the most challenging question on Defi platforms are of the security of the invested fund of community. Although every platforms are taking necessary measures to prevent the attack of hackers but somehow, it’s the technology itself has some glitches in it. Now the question is… what’s the solution? We, the team Mega-Bsc came up with a solution, the first Insured Hybrid Defi Platform. Which is 100% backed by The Mega-Bsc Insurance Fund.

Security Partners

Chart Creators


  1. Launch of "MEG" Token the first Hybrid Defi Protocol Infrastructure.
  2. Get Audited with Certik Security Foundation & Hacken Security Services.
  3. Partnership Announcements with the Financial Institutions & Pivotal Defi projects of BSC.
  4. Locking the Liqudity on Immediate Basis Across all the Swap Partners of "MEG" Token
  5. Listing on Centralised Exchange like BITMART + HOTBIT + OKEX + PROBIT & CMC + COINGECKO + DAPP RADAR with Brand Promo's.
  6. Launch of Cross Chain Platform with Polygon.
  7. Mega Launch of "MEG" Token lottery Pot-with no Loss Jackpot.
  8. Launch of Leverage yield Farming Protocol with Boosted Apy's.
  9. The first ever Hybrid Defi Token. "MEG" Creating Usability in Third Party Gaming Apps & Sport Gaming Platforms.
  10. Launch of "MEG" Multi Chain Wallet
  11. Generic Partnership with Utility Platforms for Utilising the "MEG" Tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, any transaction sent before the sale starting date is automatically rejected.

Tokens are sent in your wallet as soon as your transaction is confirmed. However, tokens are frozen until we put liquidity on PancakeSwap; which will be after the private sale ends.

Yes, for juridistic reasons, we prefer to stay anonymous because of a non-compete clause. Two of our main devs are ex-developers from high tech companies working in the same industry and revealing our identity is currently a risk, legally speaking.

Yes! Once private sale and IFO is over, we will open some farms on : Staking BNB and MEG, earn $MEG and $BNB. Staking MEG-BNB LP, MEG-BUSD LP and BUSD-BNB LP, earn $MEG etc.

You can use any wallet that can send your BNB/BUSD to another BSC address. Any wallet is OK. The only thing to avoid is sending from an exchange wallet (don't send from your binance wallet).

You have to configure your wallet to show the $MEG token. If you use metamask, add custom token and enter $MEG token address : 0x3989bd3be17cf689872cc00c3754e6bf6484717d. If you use another wallet, please follow their own procedure to add custom token and enter $MEG token address : 0x3989bd3be17cf689872cc00c3754e6bf6484717d

All the tokens that are not sold during the private sale will be sold in IFO.

Once all sales are over, all the remaining tokens will be burnt!